Ian McKellar ~ International Keynote Speaker

Presents his energising keynote address:


Ian McKellar is a Dubai based international keynote speaker and teambuilder with over twenty years of presentation experience. His keynote presentation gives practical examples of how to improve your organisation’s productivity - from top to bottom.

Over 25 years Ian developed his TAO Method™ of work, to help organisations focus their teams, clearly establish the priorities of the organisation, reach objectives more quickly, and execute correct strategy more effectively.

Improve your organisation’s productivity - from top to bottom. Find out how

  • Improve teamwork by building better personal disciplines
  • Increase returns on the Human Capital of your organisation
  • Learn how to quickly and effectively improve productivity
    • "The event was exceptional, educational, and enjoyed by all staff involved."
      - Dina Al Nakhi Events Manager, Al Qasba, UAE.
    • "Great, high impact, it went really well. Excellent"
      - Tony Cole Regional CEO, Rockwell Automation Middle East.
    • "Very innovative and effective. It is very challenging to engage such a diverse audience from more than 50 countries..."
      - Naveen K. Aggarwal Production Executive, RasGas Qatar .
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